Wilderswil - Schynige Platte (Breitlauenen -Schynige Platte closed until further notice due to rockfall!)

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    4.5 hrs.

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Hiking trail no. 57/58, duration: approx. 4.5 hrs.

Distance: 7.4 km
Ascent: 1384 metres
Descent: 1 metre

Wilderswil - Breitlauenen

The hike starts at Wilderswil railway station and leads up to the Schynige Platte intermediate station. From Wilderswil, the trail climbs, with a hearty incline, through the largely shady mountain forest to Breitlauenen. The ascent is particularly attractive because you can experience the deciduous forest on the valley floor through to the colourful alpine flora and corresponding fauna at various altitudes. View of a painting; The hike to Breitlauenenalp is crowned with the panoramic view at the destination.

The Breitlauenen intermediate station is located on the northern slope of the elongated Faulhorn mountain range. Like a viewing balcony, it lies high above the alluvial plain of the Bödeli with the centre of Interlaken. To the right and left, the fjord-like arms of Lakes Brienz and Thun reach out, with the foothills of the Brienzer-Rothorn, Augstmatthorn and Niederhorn peaks towering behind. The artist Ferdinand Hodler created several famous paintings here, such as "Lake Brienz from Breitlauenen".

Breitlauenen - Schynige Platte (closed!)

At the Breitlauenen station, from where you have a wonderful view of Lake Brienz and Lake Thun, the pre-Alpine peaks of Brienzer-Rothorn, Augstmatthorn, Hohgant and the Niederhorn, the hiking route branches off from the railway line downhill into the forest and then leads steadily uphill as a well-built gravel path. Varied nature; the first third of the route runs in the pleasant shade of the mixed forest.

In between, there are already beautiful views of Lake Brienz and the flat settlement area between Lakes Thun and Brienz, the Bödeli. Soon the forest clears and the path crosses some steep ditches; the path is secured with a barrier. The view widens visibly to the entire Lauterbrunnen valley. In the wide basin of Alp Bigelti, you continue to gain altitude parallel to the track of the Schynige Platte railway and, after a final turn, finally reach your destination, the Schynige Platte. The panoramic view from here is overwhelming: to the east is the valley of the Schwarze Lütschine with Grindelwald, to the south the valley of the Weisse Lütschine with Lauterbrunnen at the bottom of the valley and the small village of Isenfluh on the plateau in front.

In between, behind the green crest of Männlichen, the majestic triumvirate of Eiger, Mönch and Jungfrau stretches out in all its glory. Ferdinand Hodler immortalised these fascinating perspectives of the grandiose ice and rock giants in several wonderful paintings.


End of May to mid-October
The trail is open all year round.

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